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Mejzlík 26"x10" N71003521
Mejzlík 27"x10" TH63003521
Mejzlík 27"x10" TH59003211I
Mejzlík 26"x10" N64003211I
Mejzlík 27"x10" TH59003211S
Mejzlík 27"x10" TH55003211S

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Data sheet

Item number3007TS - including carburetor, ignition, diffuser, spark plugs+key and oil 250ml
Displacement80 cm3
Bore / Stroke48 / 44 mm
Weight Without Ignition2315 g
IgnitionICU-B electronic, microprocessor, automatic choke control
Ignition Weight210 g
Recommended Prop26"x10" N , 27"x10" TH

More info

MVVS 80 IRS This is fully new one-cylinder petrol engine of the "58" conception. With the power received from the engine it will list the 80 IRS to the top leaders of 80cc-class. Interesting detail to be mentioned is the overhung crankshaft stored on the three bearings warranting longer lifetime. The engine is intended for direct drive of propeller size 26 - 27". The engine is also available as Twin Spark modification (#3007TS) - which is equipped with two spark plugs on the cylinder.

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