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Data sheet

Item number3095SP - including carburetor, ignition, spark plug and spark plug key
Displacement39.7 cm / 2.42cu inch
Bore / Stroke38 / 35mm
Weight Without Ignition1480 g
IgnitionICU-L electronic, microprocessor
Ignition Weight190 g
Recommended Prop21"x8" , 21"x10" , 22"x10"

More info

MVVS 40 IFS engine is based on standard MVVS configuration - front carburetor placing, intake controlled by crankshaft and exhaust system directed to right side. Crankshaft fitted on 2 ball bearing and connecting rod has both holes equipped with INA needle bearings. Piston is made from aluminum composition with high content of silicium. Piston is coated by special sliding coat, which force running-in the engine and extend engine service life. All works in steel piston liner.
Engine is suitable for all kind of models, incl. acrobatics. These are mainly popular for airforce models and trailing models. Engine is easy to use therefore it´s also suitable for beginners.
We have made this engine by rebore the reliable engine - 35IFS. The piston's diameter is 38mm which caused the capacity increase to 40ccm. We have also found pretty interesting power increase, in particular, with compact exhaust of c. 15%.There is also possible to use without any problem propeller size up to 22"x 10" (for Acrobats) and up to 24"x10" (fro Scales Models).


SP type of MVVS 40 IFS engine is equipped with side spark plug cylinder head and tuning difusor.

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