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Recommended propellerRPMExhaust
 31"x12"EVO Mejzlík 62003521
 32"x12" Mejzlík 58003521

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Data sheet

Item number3012TS - including carburetor, ignition, spark plugs+key, mount and oil 250ml
Displacement172.8 cm3
Bore / Stroke50 / 44 mm
Weight Without Ignition4000 g
IgnitionICU-T elektronisch, mikroprozessor, automatisch chokeklappenkontro
Ignition Weight2x210 g
Max Power Output19,8 K / 6700 RPM
Recommended Prop31"x12"EVO , 32"x12" , 32"x12" LF

More info

MVVS 175 Boxer is one of the first New Platform engines with bottom intake controlled by reed valve ensuring equable cylinder charging. Exhaust system is orientated under engine. Crankcase is made from bar stock, CNC milled. Crankshaft is fitted on three ball bearings. Connecting rod has both holes equipped with needle bearings INA. Pistons are made from aluminum composition with high content of silicium. Vertex Pistons are coated by special sliding coat, which force running-in the engine and extend engine service life. Cylinders from aluminum composition have working area coated by NIKASIL.
The engine offers smooth run, easy starts and flat torque curve. It is suitable for all kind of models.

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